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1. What time is check-in and checkout for the apartments?

Check-in is normally from 2pm. Check-out is at noon. Photo shoots can be done until check out. Extending check-out is only possible depending on the availability of the apartment.

2. Is it possible to do photo shoots at the accommodation?

You can do photo shoots in all our offered accommodation.

3. Where are the apartments located?

All our apartments are centrally located, with easy access to the city centre.


1. For how long can I book a paid locations?

Booking times depend on the location. The minimum booking time is 2 hours. Booking a location for the entire day is possible. Please be aware some of our locations have opening hours, and photo shoots will have to be done within those hours when applicable.

2. Can I use studio equipment on location?

Yes you can use studio equipment at all our locations. If you don’t have your own, we can arrange all your studio equipment needs at an extra charge.


1. Do all the models speak English?

Most of our models can speak basic English, there is also the possibility to have an interpreter/assistant on location if needed.

2. What levels models shoot?

We offer models that shoot anything from fashion to nude. On each models profile it stipulates her specific levels. We do not offer models for porn or escort services.

3. Is it possible to contact model directly?

Please be aware that we don’t provide any personal contact details before a photo shoot has been booked.

4. What is the shortest booking time with 1 model?

Minimum 2 hours with 1 model. Normally bookings are done on a half day or whole day basis.

5. Can I book a model for a photo shoot in my country?

Yes you can. Please be aware that other charges apply in this case including travel, accommodation.


1. Whats are the different studio spaces you have on offer?

(1)Large (100m2) studio. With a variety of possibilities. Daylight shoots are not possible.

(2) Medium sized studio with some possibility of day light shoots.

(3) Boudoir studio. Daylight shooting possible throughout.

2. Is it possible to use all the equipment in a studio? Is it complimentary?

In all our studios it is possible to use all the equipment. It is all complimentary but you are liable for any damage or loss of equipment during the photo shoot.

3. Is it possible to use a studio with another photographer?

Sharing your studio time is with another photographer is possible, and can be cost effective if you are sharing the costs. Please note that you will have to inform us if you wish to do so.

Makeup Artist 

1. Is it possible to book the make up artist only for 1 hour?

Yes, you can book the makeup artist for only 1 look, after which the makeup artist will leave.

2. Where is the best place for doing make up?

This depends entirely on the location. We will help plan the most time and cost effective senario for you, for example:

If you want to do photo shoot at your booked apartment, the makeup can be done on location.

If you have booked an expensive location and you don’t want to loose money, makeup and hair can be done off-location prior to the shoot.

3. Can makeup artists also do hair styling?

Yes, all our makeup artists can do hair and styling as well. If needed makeup artist can stay on location and assist where needed


1. How can I book photographic holiday in Prague?

When you decide that you would like to experience a photo-holiday in Prague, please go through our website, think about everything what you will need and simply write us an email. Then we will send you a no-obligation calculation for you to decide. Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions or queries.

2. How long in advance do I have to book photo-holidays in Prague?

It is best to book your photo-holiday at least one month in advance to assure that models and  locations are available. It is always possible to book less in advance, but please be aware that this may limit your possibilities.


1. How do I pay photo-holidays in Prague?

We require 30% of the total deposited on booking of your photo-holiday. The difference must be paid once you have arrived

Czech Republic 

1. Where is it located?

Czech Republic is located in central Europe with its capital city Prague known as “The Heart of Europe”.

2. What is the currency?

The local currency is Czech Koruna. It is often possible to pay in Euros, but then the exchange rate will not be in your favour. But around city are many ATMs or banks where you can change your money to our currency.

3. What is the weather like in Czech Republic?

We have all four seasons very distinctively. Winter the temperature averages at around 0°C (32°F) and during the summer between 21°C – 30°C (70°F – 86°F). For outdoor photo shoots, the best is spring, summer and autumn. It is of course also possible to do outdoor photo shoots during the winter if you so please. This will depend on the type of shoot and model as not every model is willing to shoot all levels in the freezing cold.

What can I do in Prague while Im not shooting?

Prague is very beautiful and historical city catering for every kind of tourist with any interest. From endless sightseeing to shopping to sampling our local cuisine, Prague will charm you. If Czech food is not to your taste, Prague has world class restaurants offering almost any imaginable international food.

Prague have a very vibrant nightlife, with a huge selection of bars, restaurants, clubs and sights to experience. You can never run out of things to do in Prague.